Patricia Rosemoor
No cover charged… no ID required… safety guaranteed…
Where those in trouble go when they have no place else to turn

Fake ID Wife (Book 1)   Falling in love with her fake husband as she tries to rescue her child, Elise has no idea that Logan has his own covert reasons to keep her close. 

VIP Protector (Book 2)   Lynn realizes Blade seems as if he needs to keep her safe, but why? What terrible secret is he keeping from her?

Velvet Ropes (Book 3)   When evidence connects the violence of their past to their present-day case, Stella is suddenly in danger again, and Dermot will do anything to keep the only woman he’s ever loved safe this time.  

On the List (Book 4)   Renata knows she can trust Gabe with her life and heart, but why did the mysterious stranger force her to accept his help?

Red Carpet Christmas (Book 5)   Clearing Simone of a yuletide murder could reignite the past and a forbidden passion that still burns between her and Gideon, but she can’t let him discover what she’d kept hidden from him all these years.