Patricia Rosemoor

I started out my career both writing as Patricia Rosemoor and under various psuedonyms with writing partner Linda Sweeney. Linda pursued a teaching career and became a professor, but a few years ago we were pulled back writing together for the Harlequin Heartwarming program. We have written 27 books together. Here are Lynn Patrick titles. And paranormal romance as Jeanne Rose, our backlist we launched as indie/hybrid authors.

Our Heartwarmings can be found at Harlequin, and Amazon and other online retailers.

Home for KeepsThe other three Sparrow Lake connected novels:



Originally books written under our Roslynn Griffith pseudonym for Harper.

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WindCastsShadowsintheMirror HeartJaguarSpellboundBoxed

Paranormal Heartbreakers

Originally Jeanne Rose books written for Silhouette Shadows

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